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Mollito FAQ

-What is mollito?
Mollito is a new refreshing cocktail with Sambuca Molinari: it was born in 2006 in Savona (Italy), by a Marco Molinari idea. In 2007 summer mollito becomes the first "web social cocktail", thanks to publipublishing the recipe, improved by Daniele, barman at "Le Sagome" pub in Savona, on

-What is a "web social cocktail"?
It's an "open-source" cocktail (ingredients, quantities and preparing instructions are "open" to everybody) which spreading is based on a blog and an internet community of people who like it and help make other people know about it.

-What does mollito means?
"Mollito" name comes from a play upon words between "mojito", of which mollito is a special version, and "molli", nickname of Marco Molinari who is the author of mollito. The basic ingredient of mollito is "accidentally" Sambuca Molinari, so the prefix "molli" has a double meaning.

-Marco Molinari, author of mollito, is in any way involved with Molinari firm, who produces Sambuca?

-How can I prepare mollito?
Watch this video of Daniele showing you how to prepare mollito.
Mollito recipe is available here.

-I enjoyed mollito: what can I do?
You can contribute to spread mollito:
-report site to your friends
-print a copy of mollito recipe and give it to your favourite barman.

-Where is it possible to drink mollito?
Mollito was born in Savona (Italy) at "Le Sagome" pub. The list of places serving mollito will be available on and it will be updated thanks to users reports.

-How can I report a pub/bar/disco where mollito is available?
Send an e-mail to with the name, address and city of the place; if possible attach a photo about mollito. All info will be published on

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